I translated one of Ms. Yurari's comics, "Kuma-san's CFS Diary【Advice Without Understanding】!" I would like to share it here on my blog.

I will write about my thoughts on this manga as an ME/CFS patient this time too, so I would be happy if you read it! 

☆Note: ME is the acronym for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which is also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome[CFS]. Combined with both acronyms, it is also called as "ME/CFS."

Advice Without Understanding (English Version)

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理解なきアドバイス (Original Japanese Version)


In my case | 私の場合

When I first read this manga, I could not suppress my laughter because Kuma-san was just like me. 

I have been given many pieces of advice by many people ever since I came down with ME/CFS. People told me that “you should exercise,” “you can't just lie around all the time,” “you have to go out for fresh air,” “vitamins will work” and such.  

I am well aware that they meant well, but I had already tried everything that they could come up with without a knowledge of being chronically ill. There are reasons why we lie in bed (against our will), don’t exercise or go out. 

If you are an ME/CFS patient, you cannot do anything without getting even sicker after any physical or mental activities. You have to take on the consequences that come with exhaustion, so you have to be inactive in order to minimize the risk of flaring up.

I, therefore, would really appreciate it if you think of why we lie in bed all the time and cannot exercise. 

Conclusion | まとめ

Everyone has their own opinions and ideas, and that's a beautiful thing. Different people can give you different perspectives, so I always try to listen to what people think about my condition and their advice.

However, I would be happy if you listened to what I have been through and my symptoms that I deal with on a daily basis before giving me any advice.

To be completely honest with you, I would be even happier if you just listened to what I have been suffering from, rather than giving me advice. 

Credits | 感謝

The author: Yurari | 作者: ゆらり

Correction and proofread: Emily (my friend) | 添削と校正: エミリー(私の友人)
▼Emily's YouTube channel

Copyright | 著作権

The contents of this manga are the sole property of Ms. Yurari. For this reason, please always ask the author of this manga for a permission beforehand when downloading and re-uploading this manga within this blog article.

For inquiries about the English version of this manga, please contact me, Yasunosukey via Twitter [external link] as Ms. Yurari does not speak English.
なお、英語の翻訳内容はゆらりさんは一切関知しておりませんので、翻訳版に関するお問い合わせは私・ヤスノスキー(Twitter経由 [外部リンク])までお願いいたします。

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